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Shark Fishing Cape Canaveral

Cape Canaveral, Florida, is a popular destination for shark fishing enthusiasts. Known for its abundance of marine life and miles of pristine beaches, the area offers some of the best opportunities for anglers to catch a variety of shark species. In this blog post, we’ll explore everything you need to know about shark fishing in Cape Canaveral, from the best times of year to fish, to the equipment you’ll need, and the most common shark species you can expect to catch.

When to Go Shark Fishing in Cape Canaveral

The best time to go shark fishing in Cape Canaveral is during the warmer months, typically from May to September. During this time, the waters are warmer, and the shark species are more active and abundant. However, it is important to note that shark fishing is a year-round activity in Cape Canaveral, and different species can be caught at various times of the year.

Equipment Needed for Shark Fishing

To go shark fishing in Cape Canaveral, you’ll need to have some specialized equipment. Here is a list of the basic equipment you’ll need:

  1. Fishing rod and reel: A sturdy, heavy-duty rod and reel with a strong drag system capable of handling the weight and power of a shark.
  2. Line: A thick, durable line that can withstand the power of a shark. A minimum of 80-pound test line is recommended.
  3. Hooks: Large, sharp hooks designed for catching sharks. Circle hooks are recommended as they are less likely to be swallowed by the shark and cause injury.
  4. Bait: Sharks are attracted to a variety of baits, including fish heads, fillets, and chunks, as well as squid and other types of seafood.
  5. Leaders: A heavy-duty wire or monofilament leader is essential to prevent the shark from biting through the line.
  6. Gaffs and gloves: A gaff is used to lift the shark onto the boat, and gloves protect your hands from the shark’s rough skin and teeth.

Common Shark Species in Cape Canaveral

Cape Canaveral is home to a wide variety of shark species, including:

  1. Blacktip Shark: This is one of the most commonly caught shark species in Cape Canaveral, and it is known for its acrobatic jumps and fast runs.
  2. Hammerhead Shark: Hammerhead sharks are easily recognizable due to their distinctive hammer-shaped heads. They are known for their strength and endurance.
  3. Bull Shark: Bull sharks are aggressive and powerful, making them a challenging catch for even experienced anglers.
  4. Tiger Shark: Tiger sharks are known for their large size and fierce reputation. They are considered one of the most dangerous shark species and are often caught offshore.

Fishing Regulations in Cape Canaveral

It is important to note that shark fishing in Cape Canaveral is regulated by both state and federal laws. Florida has strict regulations in place to ensure that shark populations remain healthy and sustainable for future generations. Some of the rules and regulations include:

  1. Catch and Release: Many shark species are protected and must be released immediately after catching. Anglers should consult with local regulations and best practices for safe handling and release of sharks.
  2. Size and Bag Limits: There are size and bag limits in place for certain shark species. Anglers must comply with these regulations to avoid fines and penalties.
  3. Gear Restrictions: There are gear restrictions in place for shark fishing in Cape Canaveral. For example, the use of chum is prohibited within 3 miles of the shore.


Shark fishing in Cape Canaveral, Florida, is a thrilling and exciting experience for anglers of all levels. With the right equipment, knowledge of the local regulations, and some patience, you can have the best fishing experience.

Shark Fishing